A warm welcome to our cognitive psychology lab website.

What do we do?

In our cognitive psychology lab, we conduct research mainly on memory and decision-making. Both theoretical and applied aspects are of interest to us. For example, what explains the superiority of one lineup type over another? Why is memory better for social media posts than other types of information? These are just a couple of the types of questions that we try to address in our research. Signal detection theory often guides are thinking on these issues.

How do we do it?

We collect data in the lab and online (we always need participants, so please contact us if you are interested in taking part), and we use many methods of analysis (including nonparametric methods, such as ROC analysis, and signal detection based modelling.

Who cares?

Our work is of interest to other academics from a wide range of disciplines. Because of its applied utility, our work is also of interest to those who work in the criminal justice, education, and advertising sectors.

What’s here?

You’ll find our papers and articles, tutorials, learn about the lab members, lab news, our contact information, and the Psych Pubcast (also available on iTunes).

We hope you enjoy.

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